'Friendly Fire'

Part of the Fall Exhibition “Western” at Charlottenborg, 2003

The core of the installation Friendly Fire is a number of newspeak euphemisms deriving from a military context, also evident in the title of the work.

The installation itself was composed by a few simple elements: entering the room the title “Friendly Fire” was spelled out in big black stencil letters. On the back wall there was an oversize pictogram-like drawing of a laundry basket on one side and a washing machine on the other. Between these two images newspeak military expressions were moving like a strip of subtitles from the laundry basket to the washing machine. From the ceiling a number of white, oversize “T-shirts” made of cut-outs of starched linen were hanging across the room as flat three-dimensional pictograms.

Linguistic whitewashing is a well-known phenomenon in many different areas of our culture, functioning as gentler and subtler ways of referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing. The work addressed how new words and expressions constantly are being created, with the purpose of manipulating the attitude to and

'Friendly Fire'



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